The HHS Seeks A Legal Option For Cannabis Rescheduling

“It was a complete missed opportunity for him to talk about the HHS recommendation that came out,” TDR co-host Anthony Varrell says of Jesse Ventura’s statements on a CNN interview this week. “[The HHS rescheduling recommendation] was positive. They’re taking a science-backed, data-driven approach to this. There’s 255 pages that are validating the rescheduling recommendation. He could have said so many positive things for the sector, but he chose to sit there and just say the DEA shouldn’t be handing down this decision.”

In our Friday Trade To Black podcast, we take on the biggest conversation that was happening at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference this week: rescheduling. Don Murphy also joins today’s show to add his thoughts on TDR’s trip to the Washington, DC, where we spoke with quite a few senators and representatives about Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation (SAFER) Banking and their thoughts on rescheduling.

On Washington, cannabis lobbyist Don Murphy says, “SAFE Banking, the good news is nobody cares. The bad news is nobody cares. … They don’t care enough to expend political capital to try to strip it out, kill it, whatever. And honestly, it’s popular enough that nobody’s going to go against popular support and opinion for the purpose of stripping out SAFE Banking. It’s just not worth it.”

The big development this week involved the US Health and Human Services Department (HHS), seeking a legal option from the Office of Legal Counsel regarding the rescheduling of cannabis. As per reliable sources, the OLC’s opinion concluded that it’s aligned with the HHS recommendation that advocates for rescheduling of the substance. If true, this marks an important moment in the ongoing debate surrounding cannabis policy, potentially paving the way for progressive changes towards classification.

This podcast also has Dan the chart man as he analyzes and breaks down the price action that happened in the stock market during the week. Don’t miss out. Get the recap of trade action and discussion of all the news and rumors we heard during our time in Hollywood, Florida this week at the Benzinga Capital Conference, right here on Trade To Black!

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