The Three Republican Senators Who Want To Stop Rescheduling

The cannabis industry is healthy and there’s a lot of speculation going on. On today’s Trade To Black podcast, we check out the latest headlines including a dissection of the stance of three Republican senators pressing the DEA to dismiss cannabis rescheduling. We also celebrate Germany’s landmark move towards legalization and feature an exclusive interview with Brady Cobb, the Founder & CEO of @sunburncannabis, on the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry.

Jumping Into The Wire with Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell, our first look is at the cannabis capital markets. Wednesday was a great market day, and we’ll highlight some of the activity we noticed on Wednesday and the night before, some of it relating to the recent earnings reports and the need to tap the capital markets and get some CapEx to deploy.

Our second headline is Mitt Romney, who lead a few Republican senators with a letter to the DEA highlighting many concerns had with rescheduling cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III. The three Republican senators, Mitt Romney, James Risch, and Pete Ricketts, wrote that, “Any effort to reschedule marijuana must be based on proven facts and scientific evidence—not the favored policy of a particular administration—and account for our treaty obligations.” The obligations that the letter refers to are under the Single Convention, which controls cannabis.

We’ll share our thoughts on that and Germany ‘being a go’ for cannabis legalization, our third headline.

Segment two is an exclusive interview with Brady Cobb on the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry. Florida’s situation is heating up as it approaches the deadline—Monday at midnight—about whether cannabis legalization will be on the state ballot this fall. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody (R) had raised a constitutional challenge to the cannabis measure and asked the court to invalidate a legalization initiative.

Don’t miss out by not tuning in and catching up with this podcast.

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