Thinking outside the pot: Cannabis marketing is getting creative

As the number and variety of innovative ideas surrounding cannabis use and culture grow through the roof, some are thinking “outside the pot” to get their messages across. Among those using increased legal access and popular acceptance of cannabis to their advantage are health food companies, fashion and jewelry designers, and even, wait for it, a lone lobster pound owner! 

For those intrigued by the often-touted health benefits of cannabis-derived products but with frightful visions of wading into a deep, blue haze, B.C.’s Emerald Health Therapeutics capitalizes on weed’s infamy by offering products with a distinctly cannabis-free sales pitch. Their Endo line features botanical concoctions based on Echinacea and magnolia extracts, among others, so you can snooze better, calm frazzled nerves, bolster your body’s fight against pain and inflammation and much more without limiting yourself to pot products. Your staunchest anti-weed friends will approve!

As for how designers are hoping to cash in on everything weed, Fashion Week events around the world last September are showing off cannabis culture, imagery and paraphernalia. Once just t-shirts and bandanas worn by stoners and headshop patrons, chic clothing made of hemp and jute is now proudly paraded down global catwalks by vape-toking top models accessorized with daring, golden, weed-themed bling!
Finally, Maine lobster pound proprietor Charlotte Gill’s love for the delicious crustaceans has led her to experiment with sedating lobsters by getting them high before their final dip. Her lobsters chill out in a homemade lobster bong to cut their distress and suffering prior to cooking. Baked-before-boiled jokes abound as web readers follow Gill’s efforts with FDA inspectors as she inches ever closer to approval for the sale of tender, cruelty-free lobster rolls to like-minded customers. Admit it—you’re licking your lips, aren’t you?

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