Thrive Dispensary By MariMed Sets Up Shop in Casey, Illinois

MariMed Inc. retail footprint has once again expanded, as the company officially unveiled an adult-use Thrive dispensary in Casey, Illinois. This marks the fifth dispensary in operation within the state of Illinois and the 12th dispensary in MariMed’s expanding portfolio across five states. Situated in the central-east part of the state approximately 65 miles from Indianapolis, the dispensary represents a significant milestone as it becomes the inaugural dispensary in Clark County.

Operating with the full support and endorsement of Illinois regulators and Casey’s city council, the new Thrive dispensary will operate temporarily in a transformed mobile bank until the construction of a permanent facility is finalized. MariMed will manage the Thrive dispensary in Casey under a Managed Services Agreement until the license transfer is sanctioned by the Illinois Cannabis Control Office.

In tandem with its retail endeavors, MariMed is actively advancing its processing and cultivation facility in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. The processing facility is slated to commence operations in the fourth quarter, allowing MariMed to produce its popular edibles for distribution through both its retail outlets and new wholesale channels. Completion of the cultivation facility is anticipated in early 2024.

With the latest opening, MariMed now operates five of the state’s 130 licensed cannabis dispensary locations in Illinois. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) oversees cannabis licensing in the state, in which the IDFPR accepted applications for 55 conditional dispensary licenses between January and April 2023.

Under Illinois law, cannabis dispensaries are permitted to operate between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Within this timeline, dispensaries can set their own specific hours tailored to specific requirements.

MariMed Seeks To Add To Local Culture

Referred to as the “Big Things Small Town,” Casey’s claim to fame is hosting nearly 30 iconic “World’s Largest” and “Big Things”— including 12 Guinness World Record-holding attractions, such as the World’s Largest Rocking Chair and Mailbox.

As well, Casey is recognized as a hub for softball enthusiasts, prompting the inception of the Casey Softball Hall of Fame in 1976. Nearly four decades later, in 2010, the esteemed USA Softball made a momentous decision to establish the Illinois Hall of Fame within its hallowed halls. This gesture not only bestowed great honor upon the community, but necessitated additional space for the museum, sparking a series of expansions.

In an environment where many statues and effigies are on display, perhaps MariMed has a shot of displaying its own creation in due course.

In 2021, the company unveiled the world’s largest pot brownie in advance of the launch of its new edibles bakery brand, Bubby’s Baked. According to USA Today, the and containing 20,000mg/THC brownie measured 3 feet wide and 3 feet, 15 inches tall, and weighed a staggering 850 pounds. That completely shatters the world’s previous largest brownie (243 pounds), according to the Guinness World Records

No word yet from City Council on whether the ‘pot brownie’ will wind up on Main St.


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