Trade To Black: Canada’s Excise Tax And 4/20 Rumors

“All businesses in Canada are being challenged by increased taxation, which leads to less productivity,” says co-host Bill McNarland. So that’s all businesses across the board with the excise tax. The excise tax is an old vehicle that’s been around for about 125 years. And typically, it gets added to new areas and rises in value. It doesn’t get taken away.”

Happy belated 4/20 to all of our readers. Our Sunday episode of the Trade To Black podcast, we examine some of the recent rumors regarding the Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation (SAFER) Banking Act, discussions about Canada’s excise tax on cannabis, and Saturday’s tweets from President Joe Biden and his Vice President. Additionally, we explore the mainstream acceptance of THC beverages through a partnership between Cann and Barstool Sports, recent developments from Canopy Growth, and updates on New York’s challenges in implementing legal cannabis.

On Saturday, at exactly 4:20 P.M., President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris celebrated the cannabis holiday 4/20 with a public support for cannabis reform.

Despite the publicity event, the fact remains that Kamala Harris’ work history as an Attorney General is against her. The Twitter community noted on her tweet that 1900 people were put in jail during her career as AG for cannabis offenses, and the administration as a whole is suffering from the delay in putting their statements into practice.

In other headlines this week, Cann and Barstool Sports have announced a partnership to kick off for the summer beverage season with THC beverages. This partnership may be one of the first big media partnerships inked involving cannabis. Is it surprising that it’s a beverage? Our team says not.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is backing the Stablecoin Bill, which is great news for cannabis investors. Senator Brown is the chair of the Senate Banking Committee, and there’s feeling that SAFER Banking could be added to it in due time.

This and more in our Sunday episode of Trade To Black!

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