Trade To Black Q1 2024 Recap

It’s hard to believe we’re headed into April, but on TDR’s Trade To Black, we’re looking backwards at Q1 2024. As we transition into the second quarter of the year, we unpack Q1’s hottest news and eyeball the Florida Supreme Court’s next move. And hey, it’s not a proper Friday without our epic Mic Drop with Gaup segment. Stay tuned. We have an excellent show for you today!

Last week, the Florida supreme court had nothing to say at all on the subject of cannabis. Some people feel that this means the state is taking a step closer to adult rec use. What does this really mean? The Florida supreme court has to make a decision by midnight, April 1.

Diving into our Q1 recap, we’re looking at some of the top 5 developments that have happened so far this year.

1 – The Trulieve tax refund. Back at the end of February, the MSO reported that they had received funds in response to the amended state and federal tax returns filed October, 2022. Trulieve claimed it had overpaid taxes filed under section 280e. This was not just huge for Trulieve, it gave other MSOs guidance on how to file taxes that might give them a financial boost.

2 – Germany and their path to legalization. On April 1st, Germany celebrates new cannabis laws that start for possession and cultivation. We’ve been covering the story fairly closely, but you can find a recap on it here. All eyes are going to be on it.

3 –  Earl Blumenauer’s speech. On March 20th, Congressman Earl Blumenauer expressed his vocal disapproval of the administration’s activities relating to cannabis. Years of frustration behind this, but it was good to hear.

4 – The HHS unredacted document. This would have rated higher if we had seen any impact from it, but we’re still waiting on the DEA and Schedule III. It’s monumental, but… hear our thoughts.

5 – VP Kamala Harris’ roundtable discussion. She validated claims the DEA needs to reschedule. This is big, but again, nothing has happened—yet.

Hear our thoughts on these events and don’t miss drop the mic with GUAP on this recap of Q1 2024 on Trade To Black!

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