Tyler Beuerlein On Wisconsin, Bank Crisis in Cannabis

We’re back with another TDR cannabis exclusive interview. In our latest episode, co-hosts Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell interview Tyler Beuerlein, Chief Strategic Business Development Officer of Safe Harbor Financial. We’re thrilled to have Tyler at the mic to talk about Wisconsin and their rather unique cannabis landscape, plus one misconception in banking that just needs to be dispelled.

Safe Harbor Financial has been providing banking services to the cannabis industry since 2015, serving a niche that Washington has yet to conclusively address. We’ve had them sharing their expertise with us before, notably CEO Sundie with a wonderful two-part interview on credit cards, racial wealth inequality, and the desperate need for federal legalization.

Join in with this conversation with Tyler Beuerlein as we explore Wisconsin’s cannabis landscape. Wisconsin Assembly Republicans recently announced a limited proposal that would make a number of cannabis products available to residents of the state who had certain medical conditions via five state-run dispensaries. Rep. Jon Plumer felt it was “a really strong starting point,” but tune in to hear if we agree.

Tyler adds his thoughts on the impact of rescheduling, and how it will affect banking and lending, particularly when it may come to debit and credit card transactions and payment processors. Don’t use credit cards for cannabis transactions, he says. Find out why.

Tyler also dispels the misconception of a banking crisis happening in the cannabis industry, stating that banks are available for operators. That’s not to say, though, that it’s easy. Are there lessons to be learned from states who have had flawed banking proposals for cannabis operators? We’ll talk about some of the other challenges and risks faced with cash drop facilities and checkbook systems.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening interview Tyler Beuerlein of Safe Harbor Financial, and be sure to visit our socials to like and subscribe so you never miss an interview.

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