UN CND Recommends Harm Reduction, Canadian Cannabis 2.0

Happy $MSOS Monday, and welcome to today’s episode of TDR Trade To Black podcast. We have our weekly segment with Dan Ahrens, the Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer of AdvisorShares ETFs, and a new look to show you, courtesy of Mitch. As always, we’ve also got your top headlines in the space. Today’s episode, we look at Florida and Virginia’s path to legalization, the UN CND’s recognition of harm reduction, and Canadian Cannabis 2.0.

Shadd Dales, GUAP and Anthony Varrell kick off Into The Wire with changes happening in the cannabis space up north. A government-appointed panel that has been analyzing the Cannabis Act is recommending two major changes among others: pharmacy access for medical marijuana, and a change to the excise tax. The pharmacy recommendation aligns with expectations and calls from the industry and Canada’s largest pharmacy chain, Shoppers Drug Mart. Suggestions regarding tax reform include a review of the overall excise tax model, especially since the average price of cannabis has decreased, whether it should apply to medical marijuana, a tax-sharing framework with First Nations, and a scaling rate based on the potency of the products.

Headline number two is the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UN CND), who recognized that harm reduction is a key part of an effective public health response. Vienna appears to have set a milestone in acknowledging that prohibitionist approaches such as the War On Drugs don’t work. With ‘harm reduction’ being the key word, they appear to be ready to take a more forward-thinking approach to changing drug policies.

We also recap the ongoing legalization decisions in the US states of Florida and Virginia, also touching on the USDA’s investment in comprehensive hemp research to facilitate industry growth.

Don’t forget to tune in so you can catch your $MSOS Monday with Dan Ahrens. Dan is a regular guest on our show and joins us every Monday to provide expert insights into the cannabis industry and MSOS stock.

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