What Is Happening With Canopy Growth’s Cease Trade Order?

Welcome to our latest Trade to Black podcast. Just last week, we were talking with Bruce Linton about Canopy Growth’s downfall, and this week we delve into a surprising announcement from Canopy Growth about its Cease Trade Order. For those who may have missed the news, Canopy asked for and was granted a Management Cease Trade on June 2, 2023 after making an announcement at the end of May.

Join us as host Shadd Dales, lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith, and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell recap the events that led up to the Canopy Growth Corp (NASDAQ: CGC) CTO and what this order is all about. We then dive into the primary factors that could have contributed to this self-imposed regulatory action. What potential violations may have prompted the issuance of this?

There’s been some definite management challenges. Starting as one of the leading companies in the cannabis industry, Canopy Growth has been gradually sinking through the years, and the past month has put the company’s market status into the penny stock territory. What’s next for Canopy investors then? We analyze the impacts of this CTO on Canopy Growth’s operations, stock market trading, and overall business outlook.

We finish off the podcast with a look more into the psychedelic news, which is having a more cheerful outlook lately. Psychedelics is definitely turning out to be more than a side note, and we’ll discuss why. How many therapists do we need in the field? The answer might surprise you.

With the MAPS conference upcoming, there’s a lot of buzz about what sort of huge announcements we might be seeing in the psychedelic space. What amazing things can we anticipate during the event? Will they announce a rising catalyst that will push the industry to the next level? And what are the most anticipated outcomes for psychedelics themselves?

Here’s our thoughts.

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