What Would Rising Interest Rates Do To Cannabis?

Everyone knows that interest rates are a big deal in the housing market, but how do they impact other industries? In today’s episode of The Dales Report Canna Exclusive, we’re speaking with Anthony Coniglio, the founder President and CEO of NewLake Capital Partners (OTCMKTS: NLCP). Prepare to have your eyes opened on the potential impact of rising interest rates on the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Anthony Coniglio joins Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell to talk about the impact it could have on canna, from their very growth and investment strategies to REITs. Industry experts are predicting a interest rate storm that could be as high as a whopping 10%. He discusses the potential effects that could arise.

How are the industries in the cannabis space preparing to tackle a hike in interest rates? We’ll have a look at the market analysis of the industry itself and talk growth strategies, macroeconomic factors, and real estate investment.

We emphasize the industry’s long-term growth trajectory and the stability offered by a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) with a substantial premium over Treasury bonds. We’ll explore their plans to allocate significant credit for investments in commercial real estate, with a focus on limited license regions.

Why are investors are gravitating towards REITs with quarterly dividend payments? We’ll go over common investor queries. We’ll also touch on the factors that could influence the entry of banks into this dynamic industry.

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