Who Is Lykos Therapeutics And What To Know About Canna Rescheduling

Host Shadd Dales flies solo for this live-streamed episode of the Trade To Black Podcast powered by the Benzinga network. You’ll want to buckle up and tune in to this episode, as we have two vital interviews featuring Cody Shandraw, Managing Partner at Ambria Capital and President of Healing Realty Trust, and Dustin Robinson, Founding Partner at Mr. Cannabis Law.

What’s on the interview menu for today’s podcast? We’ve got both cannabis and psychedelic topics to explore. Dustin Robinson will discuss with us the various intricacies involved in the HHS recommendation, and rescheduling cannabis from a Schedule I to Schedule III drug. Notably, rescheduling cannabis will have a major impact on taxing cannabis under 280e. Many cannabis companies have been struggling for profitability under the weight of this tax, but Biden seems interested in cannabis progress – or at least, decriminalizing it.

Later, we’ll dive into the evolving landscape of psychedelic therapy with Cody Shandraw and discuss what might be the future of mental health. During that, we’ll also be taking a closer look at Lykos Therapeutics, the new and improved brand formerly known as MAPS PBC, a spinoff of parent organization MAPS. 

Lykos submitted a new drug application to the FDA last month, asking regulators to approve MDMA for use as a therapeutic product. Many consider this a very significant step, and we’ll explain why. Will Lykos be able to ensure ethical and equitable access to therapies? Perhaps, but they’ll also have to balance those goals with sustainable operations. It’ll be an interesting endeavor. 

But that’s not all we have to discuss in this episode. Pick up on the conversation happening in the stream as we talk about psychedelic research and investment. This includes the involvement of mission-aligned Helena, a global firm billed as a “problem-solving organization.” We’ll touch on the challenges and opportunities that lie in integrating psychedelics into the healthcare system, and so much more.

Don’t miss out on these exciting interviews with Dustin Robinson and Cody Shandraw!

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