Why Cannabis Is Experiencing Pullback

These last few weeks have certainly been active for early investors in the cannabis space, but has the rally stalled? In our latest episode of Trade to Black, we delve into the recent pullback, market shakeup, and potential future developments in the cannabis world.

It seemed that the industry was holding its breath a bit last week as we waited for September 27th to roll around. TDR lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith feels though that the news cycle has had its own impact, and because prices can’t be sustained at the rates we were seeing.

Benjamin, Shadd and Anthony Varrell give their thoughts on the rally’s slowdown and give valuable insights from industry experts as we discuss the impact of underlying asset financings on market sentiment, and explore the reasons behind the cannabis industry’s current pullback, including a lack of news flow and bearish headlines. Get a firsthand look into the dynamics of a retail-driven rally, concerns about financing and corporate rebranding within the cannabis companies, and the intriguing intersection of marijuana legalization and psychedelics in the stock market.

We also touch on the psychedelics industry, where we engage in thought-provoking discussions about investment strategies and upcoming trial results. There are some exciting acquisitions and mergers happening within this industry, uncovering strategic shifts and potential growth opportunities.

Listen as they discuss the state of the real estate market, with a particular focus on the price trends in bustling areas. It is intriguing to examine how the pandemic has impacted the economy, including the challenges of homelessness in major cities. Additionally, they tackle the ongoing debates about wage increases and the inflation rate in the United States. Through a discussion, they aim to provide more of an understanding of the current state of the real estate market and its connections to broader economic factors.

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