Why Is Trulieve Leaving Massachusetts and California?

In our latest Trade To Black podcast, host Shadd Dales, millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell, and lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith are talking cannabis developments. The big news this week? Cannabis company Trulieve is leaving California and Massachusetts. These are two major user states. We also take a look at the potential for lawsuits that might be headed for the New York government’s laps, and some of the political hot takes from this past week.

First up, though: Trulieve (CNSX: TRUL), which has decided to cease operations not only in Massachusetts but California as well. Trulieve leaving California may make sense; there’s a lot of competition in that state. Massachusetts, however, has been considered one of the hottest new markets for cannabis, and Trulieve had three operating dispensaries already in the state. These have been operating only for a couple of years now.

We speculate on why decided to leave Massachusetts and where the company’s core focus will be in which states moving forward. We also will review what company stems to benefit the most and gain bigger market share in Massachusetts with their departure.

Also, in the news this week: the New York State is effectively eliminating a 3-year waiting period for the state’s 10 vertically integrated medical marijuana providers, thus allowing them to operate in the rec market. However, there’s a catch, and it’s a big one. What is it, and why will a bunch of companies feel justified in suing? Tune in to find out.

Anthony says the antics that have been involved in raising the debt ceiling again are ‘just a dog and pony show.’ It’s theatre. Ben gives us the lowdown on what the cuts to federal spending mean. If Trump were in office, would the war in the Ukraine still be happening? The guys have some thoughts. Jamie Dimon wants to run for president.

What that might look like, and more, on this episode of Trade To Black.

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