Will Curaleaf Really Buy Cronos?

Right now, there are rumors flying wild in the cannabis industry despite this traditionally being a quieter time of year. One of those rumors includes Curaleaf’s plan to buy Cronos. In this episode of Trade To Black, host Shadd Dales gets together with lead financial writer Benjamin Smith and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell to dissect some of these speculations and take a closer look at what could be going on.

The gossip is definitely doing a favor to some cannabis companies. Curaleaf (CNSX: CURA) alone was up 30% last week, likely in part to the social media chatter. Is it possible that the rumor is true and that Curaleaf does really plan to buy Cronos? We’ve got some ideas on that score.

Regardless of whether or not the Curaleaf rumor about buying Chronos is true, more importantly: Is the current market movement in the industry a sign that cannabis is getting back on track? Perhaps we can look forward to a sustain of this rising momentum in the space, and we’ll debate cannabis’ possible outlook and whether or not we might be headed into a bullish market.

Things are heating up with Chuck Schumer and his interest in SAFE Banking. There are a number of factors that might determine whether SAFE will be able to pass or not. We’ve examined a few of these in previous podcasts as the news on SAFE Banking hitting Congress’ floor developed. Again, we’ll take a look at Biden’s stance on descheduling, the government’s perspective generally on SAFE, and what is holding up progress.

Lastly, we’ll take a look at what sort of impact the media landscape is having on narratives. We’ll also talk about COMPASS Health’s commercialization pathways – something that’s not expected to happen until 2027.

What’s the impact of the longer processing time to companies in the industry? Here are our thoughts.

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