Will Florida Rec Legalization Be Influenced By Iowa?

Brady Cobb, Esq, CEO of Sunburn Cannabis, joins the mic with Shadd and Anthony on this latest TDR Cannabis Exclusive. On our docket today: cannabis, Florida rec legalization, and Iowa – if you can believe that.

Sunburn Cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis company in Florida that cultivates high quality flower and an authentic cannabis experience. As an both an attorney and CEO of a cannabis company, and possessing strong ties to Capitol Hill, Brady Cobb is one of the industry’s most esteemed executives.

Brady led a $70,000,000 equity raise and $30,000,000 debt financing to complete the recent acquisition of Medmen’s Florida assets for $63,000,000 in cash when he launched Sunburn. Florida’s adult use market and the chances of it passing are something he’s uniquely equipped to speak on.

When you listen in, you’ll find there’s a personal aspect to Brady’s story in the industry. Sunburn was named to honor his father. He shares the importance of an authentic brand story and where he wants to take the company, towards the end of the interview.

Despite DeSantis’ negative comments about cannabis, is there the possibility that Florida will one day soon see rec use? And how exactly is Iowa influencing legalization in Florida? You’ll find out when you tune in.

Brady highlights the significance of this issue for many companies operating in Florida, including Trulieve (CSE: TRUL), where CEO Kim Rivers has generously donated close to $50 million to support the initiative’s success. But do things feel different this time? Brady shares his thoughts.

Beyond the Florida market, our conversation delved into the industry’s overall resurgence and the potential outcomes of important matters such as the passing of SAFE Banking and rescheduling. We share our perspective on why beverage will become the biggest segment in the cannabis industry and discuss the regulation of the market.

Stay informed and catch the latest updates on Florida in this exclusive interview with Brady Cobb of Sunburn.

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