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Working at Khiron is the best job this worker has ever had

For someone who’s only ever worked as a menial labourer in the rice fields of rural Colombia, landing a steady job at Khiron Life Sciences [KHRN] was a dream come true.

“Starting work here at my age is like winning the lottery,” said Raynaldo who performs maintenance work at Khiron‘s cannabis-growing facility near Ibagué in Colombia’s Tolima department.

He is proud of the work he does and says the fact that Khiron provides health insurance for him and his children still amazes him. He’s never had any benefits before landing a steady job with Latin American’s largest medical cannabis company.

Not only do his wages from Khiron enable Raynaldo to feed his family, pay his bills and put a roof over his head, but he also enjoys other benefits like free transportation to work which means he doesn’t have to bicycle over roads that are in poor condition. 

Raynaldo’s job is just one of 310 direct jobs created by Khiron in a region where quality jobs are difficult to find and is just one example of the company’s commitment to the people who work for them.

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