Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Wants To Ban CBDC, Says It’s A Government Control Mechanism

In an apparent bid to protect the finances of Floridians, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced he wants lawmakers to enact legislation that outlaws the use of central bank digital currencies (CBDC), accusing the federal government of using them to keep a track of peoples’ finances.

“I am here to call on the legislature to pass legislation to expressly forbid the use of CBDC as money within Florida’s uniform commercial code,” he said, according to a report by Florida’s Voice.

“Any way they can get into society to exercise their agenda, they will do it […] How do we know? Because we’ve seen this happen in other parts of the world,” he added.

DeSantis pointed out that conventional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin BTC/USD and Ethereum ETH/USD are decentralized in nature, and differ from central money

The governor stated the proposal would also forbid any CBDC issued by a foreign reserve or government-sanctioned central bank.

This will guarantee that Florida will never attempt to adopt a worldwide digital currency, he said.

Such laws should be included in each state’s common commercial code, according to DeSantis, who also urged like-minded governments to resist any amendments that would legally recognize a central bank digital currency.

DeSantis said he has spoken with the lieutenant governor of Texas, and he thinks they could follow Florida’s lead.

“I think it’s really important that states stand up to fight back against some of the things that are going on, or most of the things that are going on right now in Washington because they don’t have your best interests at heart. They have their own power at heart,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis stated he wants to put it into law later this year after speaking with Florida Legislative leaders.

DeSantis said the idea of a central bank digital currency was wrong because governments want to be able to impose their viewpoints on our society without being held responsible by any form of an electorate.

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