Mark Yusko Analyzes Bitcoin Halving, ETFs

Today on Trade to Black it’s time to talk cryptocurrency again. This episode, we’ll be talking crypto with one of our favorite guests, Mark Yusko. What’s on the agenda today? Tune in to get into the intricate dynamics of Bitcoin halving and its implications on the cryptocurrency market with Mark. We’ll also talk about the unexpected effects of Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Mark Yusko is the Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management. He is also the Managing Partner of Morgan Creek Digital. Morgan Creek Capital Management was founded in 2004 and currently manages approximately to $1.5 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets. Mr. Yusko was also formerly CIO and Founder of UNC Management Company (UNCMC), the Endowment investment office for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Senior Investment Director for the University of Notre Dame Investment Office.

We had Mark Yusko on just a couple of months ago, and he predicted a big year for crypto and specifically Bitcoin. With Bitcoin having reached an all-time high, we think that criteria has probably been met. Mark thinks that we probably have even exceeded expectations. Coming into the year the ETFs looked likely, and Mark expected the trend of interest to accelerate.

Shadd Dales and Anthony Varrell chat with Mark about the imminent Bitcoin halving date. The previous Bitcoin Halving happened in May, 2020, and the next halving is expected in April, 2024. For those new to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Halving is when the mining reward gets split in half, reducing the rate at which new coins can be created. When the halving happens, the block reward will fall to 3.125 BTC.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into cryptocurrency, or you want to stay on top of your investing game, you won’t want to miss this interview. Find out more about the halving and Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds right here on Trade To Black with a guest interview with Mark Yusko!

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