Mark Yusko Weighs In On Crypto’s 2024 Path

If you’ve been looking for an update on cryptocurrency, be sure to tune in to today’s podcast. Today on The Dales Report, we will talk crypto in the coming year with one of our long-standing guests, Mark Yusko.

Mark is the Founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, and also the managing partner of Morgan Creek Digital. We had a great chat with Mark last month on data-driven information, AI, and blockchain investments. Be sure to catch up on it here if you missed it.

So, what’s up with crypto and blockchain in 2024 and beyond? Mark shares that he thinks we’re entering a new era with blockchain doing something important. We’ll kick off with a chat about blockchain’s potential before we dive into topics like inflation, currency devaluation, and how interest rate cuts might affect the economy. Where does the Central Bank and China play into what lies ahead?  We’ll get into that too.

Shadd Dales, Anthony Varrell and Mark Yusko go deep into Bitcoin and blockchain, comparing them to traditional banking. The conversation touches on challenges with physical assets like gold and silver. Might Bitcoin be a better option than physical assets? The guys weigh in with their opinions on this.

You’re in for a surprisingly deep conversation when you tune in to this episode of Trade To Black with Mark Yusko. We also delve into how technology has shaped not only finance, but media monopolies and various industries. It has also played a heavy role in communications and power dynamics that stem from language and culture.

If you’re curious about crypto, the economy, and what’s coming next, listen in on this. There’s a distinct possibility that the future of currency will look very different than it even does today. Find out what the experts are thinking on this special episode with Mark Yusko.

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