Verano’s Aaron Miles and $MSOS Monday On Trade To Black

Our Monday Trade To Black Podcast had not just one but two significant interviews. Aaron Miles, Chief Investment Officer from Verano Holdings, joins us to discuss the company’s latest earnings. Dan Ahrens from AdvisorShares $MSOS talks about the industry and answers questions from our viewers. We’ve also got the latest headlines in cannabis including a potential new market in North Carolina and the exciting things happening with Bitcoin.

Shadd Dales, Anthony Varrell, and GUAP unpack the latest headlines, kicking off with the exciting news about North Carolina opening their very first dispensary. North Carolina had been one of the few holdout states that have not passed medical, much less recreational, cannabis. This first dispensary, opening on 4/20 on the Cherokee reservation, will be adult recreational use. There’s some hopes that this dispensary will put some pressure on the state government to get in on the action.

In other investing news, Bitcoin continues to shine. Everything in crypto is cranking, not just BTC. Ethereum will quite possibly catch up too, predicts Anthony, and while of course the market could fluctuate a bit, there’s still a strong likelihood that crypto will continue being strong for a while yet.

Jumping into the interview, Aaron Miles, Chief Investment Officer from Verano Holdings ($VRNOF) joins the show to talk their latest earnings. We looked at some of the highlights last week, along with GTII and Trulieve. For the most part, very positive stuff. Aaron Miles would sum up the performance as “strong.”

Since it’s Monday, we also have Dan Ahrens from AdvisorShares sharing his thoughts on $MSOS Monday. Incidentally, he says, Verano is a strong number four holding in $MSOS right now. It has been a bit of a red day, but in perspective, we’ve got a lot of big pending announcements that could shake up the space quickly. Is it a “sell on the news industry” or will this settle down? Dan shares his thoughts and some updates, plus his answers to your questions.

Don’t miss out on this exciting $MSOS Monday and interview with Aaron Miles!

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