Ayr Wellness — Competitive Advantage Begins In The Greenhouse

When Ayr Wellness Inc. (CNSX: AYR.A, OTCMKTS: AYRWF) CEO Jonathan Sandelman speaks about the importance of quality regarding his company’s products, it isn’t just lip service. The company is dedicating a significant amount of focus into making its greenhouses the most efficient in the industry using data-driven strategies, which is translating into enhanced harvest quality downstream. We invited Chief Development Officer, Mark Pitchford, and Head of Investor Relations, Megan Kulick, to explain Ayr’s overarching cultivation philosophies.

Among the many pertinent exchanges was this one between interviewer Shadd Dales and Mark Pitchford. From it, investors can glean relevant insights into how Ayr Wellness systematically reconfigures acquiree growing houses to conform to rigorous companywide growing standards that it has enacted. Whether it’s implementing new Standard Operating Procedures and CRMs, or re-engineering an entire facility, Ayr is improving yield expansion per square foot through standardized process implementation, which helps drive harvest consistency.

Shadd Dales: So, we’ve had—as I’ve said—Jonathan on in the past, and he’s told me in the past where he frequently talks about the quality of end products produced by your company, Ayr Wellness. He talks about some of your brands being the best in your industry. And the numbers show that. So, what is involved, you know, when it comes to certain techniques for growing flower, let’s say, is better than your competition?

Mark Pitchford: I mean, back to the point of, you know, we took a boutique growing method and, you know, used standard SOPs and data to bring up into a process for a larger scale. And that’s been one of our biggest goals. Some of these facilities are designed prior to us coming in. And, you know, we need to redo the engineering, get it to the environment that we’re looking for for climate, for irrigation processes, and kind of set a standard through each of these facilities. That’s been a tough strategy to do, but with the teamwork and the way we’ve all come together and communicated with the data, it’s worked out great for us.

It also helps increase top line performance, where Ayr Wellness has some of the higher operating margins in the industry.

Click on the embedded link for more of our inaugural interview with Ayr Wellness CDO Mark Pitchford and Head of IR Megan Kulick, in their own words.

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