Braxia CEO Dr. McIntyre Looks To Establish Framework For Psychedelic Therapeutic Advancement

The ongoing pandemic put a spotlight on the growing mental health issues plaguing today’s society, and this increased emphasis on finding a cure has revitalized the conversation surrounding psychedelic therapeutics and their potential to offer a real solution.

Many of the voices leading the psychedelic therapeutics revolution gathered in Miami last week for the Microdose Wonderland conference, including the team from Braxia Scientific (CNSX: BRAX) (OCMKTS: BRAXF).

The Dales Report sat down with Dr. Roger McIntyre, CEO of Braxia Scientific to discuss the company’s focus on the development of ketamine and psychedelic drug formulations that serve to treat and combat mental illnesses.

Dr. McIntyre was asked to participate as a keynote speaker at this year’s psychedelic conference, and his extensive experience in the space has seen him become one of the most influential advocates for the industry.

“I’ve been in the business for 25 years, and seen over 100,000 people with depression in my clinic. People have spoken to me loud and clear and said look, treatments are not good enough and could be better. Can you help us? And that’s a call to action for me.”

“I spent 25 years in drug discovery and development in this broad space of depression and stress related conditions. And we reached a point where now we’ve got to go a different direction. Psychedelics presented itself, and we were the first in Canada ever to provide this in the community for people with depression away that’s in accordance with best practices.”

Dr. McIntyre and his team made it their mission to explore the untapped potential of psychedelics in hopes of creating a solution that could eventually go to market.

“But we want to do it in a way that’s thoughtful, a way that’s guided by the market and when it’s guided by best practices, and all those vectors have to line up.”

Everything sounds great in theory, but Shadd Dales asks the question that continues to stump many in the industry today.

“How do you do it?”

What follows is a ‘behind the curtain’ walk through the thought processes that are shaping the psychedelic therapeutics industry today. Dr. McIntyre puts an emphasis on the pharmaceutical industry relationships he has developed throughout his career, and also points to his tenure as a tool that has helped Braxia make advances where competitors might have encountered a roadblock.

“We are a strong business based on the fundamentals of reality based R&D with implementation, as well as having those relationships and we want to lead the world in this area through the guardrails of best practices. It’s got to be done according to best practice, because the psychedelic space needs several aspects, good R&D, good leadership, good relationships and the appropriate guardrails put in place.”

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