Expansion To Continue At Revitalist With More Clinics, Telemedicine

Earlier this week, The Dales Report sat down with Revitalist CEO Kathryn Walker for an introductory interview and learned more details about the company’s plans for expansion.

Currently, the company’s clinics are located in the U.S. on the East Coast and in the Mid-West. Walker said part of the strategy for opening new locations is to stay within two hours of all major hub cities. She said attention on the company and its treatment providers has been consistent as an increasing number of universities and hospitals are becoming interested in partnering with the company to offer ketamine-assisted treatment programs.

Walker said future clinics will open in Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, and Michigan, and be set up as leadership or mentorship clinics that will be expanded upon as more and more treatment providers are trained.

 While the United States will be the company’s primary focus when it comes to expansion, Walker noted that there has been interest in places like London and Dubai, as well as different cities in Canada, and Australia. Within these areas, Revitalist is keen to set up locations where ketamine treatment isn’t common.

 “[Australia] is looking more at the pain aspects [of ketamine], they’re not looking at the mental health aspects right now, so that’s the piece we want to bring to them, and considering that we have mental health therapists and pain experts like myself, we can do both,” Walker said. No matter where Revitalist opens a clinic, the services it will offer “will be very comprehensive.”

Other things factor into the company’s decisions around expansion, including the different populations in areas of interest, said Walker: “The biggest thing is, we want to go to cities where there’s a veteran population, where there’s universities so we can partner with those universities, we can help them with their athletes… we want to go make a pillar in that community.”

Another important aspect of the company’s expansion is around telemedicine, a service Revitalist has committed to offering its patients, as well as other people who might be seeking help during a psychedelic experience. There is no shortage of companies in the space offering their own SaaS platforms, and Revitalist plans to offer the one it’s working on to more than just its patients.

“[During Covid-19], telemedicine became a safety aspect with people to where they could stay in their homes and still get help, and that’s a great thing,” she said. “The way our company wants to unfold is we want to make our telemedicine available to those to where we can help them, more so with things like artificial intelligence, to where we can reach out to them,” she said. “The telemedicine piece that we’re looking at is a nationwide hub, to where we can provide support for people that are within our programs… we’ll be able to extend our hand across the nation to [people], to where they feel like there’s somebody helping them or looking out for them.”

Watch the rest of the interview in the video above.

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