Ganja Goddess’ Zack Pitts on Cannabis Delivery: It’s Gangbusters

A year of COVID prepared an environment ripe for the companies who developed consumer packaged goods delivery systems, and that’s exactly what California-based Ganja Goddess did. Zack Pitts, co-founder and CEO of Ganja Goddess, was with us at The Dales Report for an interview about his cannabis delivery service company and the road ahead them in 2021 and beyond.

Here’s some highlights from the interview:

Pitts Says Ganja Goddess Markets and Delivers Cannabis to a Demographic That Hasn’t Been Catered To

For those unfamiliar with the company, Ganja Goddess seeks to bridge the gap and appeal to market segments who are interested in cannabis but may be discouraged or intimidated by dealing with traditional dispensaries, younger workers, and what Pitts calls a “pot-bro culture.”

Deviating from the normal recreational marketing, the company seeks to promote and explore the other side of cannabis as part of their philosophy: holistic health and spiritual health. Pitt’s co-founder, who has been a medical marijuana user for many years, wanted a company that would be more attractive to women using cannabis, as well as older demographics.

So far, the strategy seems to be working well for them. The vast majority of their customers are over 35, with a significant percentage of the customer base also being over 55, and the gender-distribution split on buyers is a lot closer to 50/50, unlike traditional dispensaries which are heavily skewed towards young men as buyers.

CPG Delivery Expands Reach beyond Retail Store Limits

As the first state to introduce legal medical marijuana, California’s had its share of growing pains, first with lack of structure, and now trying to introduce structure post-Proposition 64. Many companies still struggle with the dual-licensing systems required both by the state and the cities themselves, which are occasionally at odds. The result, Pitts says, is that over 50% of the state’s population doesn’t currently have access to retail cannabis because of city councils voting against the licensing. Ganja Goddess’ platform, however, means that residents who don’t have access to cannabis can get delivery overnight to nearly everywhere in the state.

COVID was responsible for making their technology platform a huge success. While the technology growth post-COVID may slow, Pitts believes that there’s an inevitability to the model, because the way people consume changes and that other companies will seek to keep up with that.

California Has Plenty of Room to Grow

Though not currently publicly traded, the company got its start in 2011, giving them a healthy ten years in the state. Ganja Goddess has progressed into fundraising to speed up expansion plans, and while they could look into growth in other states – something Pitts says is something they could be looking in a couple years anyway – there’s a huge amount of growth potential still in California alone.

Approximately 15% of adults in California are using cannabis regularly, and other recreational products such as alcohol are much higher. The population of an entire state could be the equivalent of merely “doubling-down” in the bay area or in Los Angeles.

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