Humble & Fume — Building An Industry Leading Cannabis Distribution Business

With over $61 million of booked revenues in calendar year 2020, Humble & Fume Inc. (CNSX:HMBL) is perhaps one the most obscurely known “Big Cannabis” companies on the Canadian exchanges today. However, that is poised to change with company growth rate far outpacing growth rates of adult-use sales in Canada. Servicing over 3,000 clients continent-wide, Humble & Fume can reach 90% of North American customers within 48 hours. It’s the type of scale that is attracting attention with investors.

Humble & Fume core business revolves around the distribution of cannabis and related products in North
America. Its vertically-integrated operations include the distribution of cannabis accessories (BOBHQ, HCS and Windship), contract manufacturing, packaging and distribution of concentrate products in Canada (Fume Labs)—as well as an extensive North American sales and distribution network. Humble currently operates four distribution centers with a combined footprint of 78,550 square feet, along with a 4,000 sq. ft. extraction facility.

Humble is operated by an executive team which has over sixty years of cannabis industry experience and an
extensive operational track in Big Cannabis. The company counts three former high-ranking Aphria executives and/or directors among its ranks—including at the CEO and Executive Director level.

We asked Executive Director Shawn Dym how that experience at the top has helped Humble & Fume thrive in a competitive market landscape:

Shadd Dales: So as you build out this whole overall execution, what really grabbed my attention, the company went public, obviously, back in June of 2021. Lots of attention was focused around your executive team which includes yourself, CEO Joel Toguri and Director Jakob Riphstein—all three with connections to Aphria, which is now Tilray… So what’s this say about your company when you look at the experienced roster of Big Cannabis leaders that you’ve assembled. And most importantly, thrive in a very competitive market?

Shawn Dym: I think what’s even more important about, you know, their experience—their expertise—is their backgrounds in the alcohol industry. Jakob previously CEO of Diageo North America; Joel was a senior executive at Southern Glazier Canada, and I believe, employee No. 1 there and helped build out that business. And when we think of ourselves as a distribution platform, I think leveraging their experience in the alcohol industry, and using some of the exposure and experience they had to help, you know, with our—building our business plan and then executing on that business plan, I think Joel is a tremendous operator and provides sales marketing and operations execution expertise that’s really going to drive our business.

Shawn Dym:

Click on the embedded link to watch our inaugural interview with Humble & Fume Executive Chairman, Shawn Dym.

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