Ibogaine Addiction Treatments & MDMA Assisted-Psychotherapy: MINDCURE & The State Of Psychedelic Therapeutics Today

Life science company MINDCURE joins The Dales Report once again to discuss the latest developments from their ongoing research into psychedelics and their use in medicinal practices related to mental health.

Mind Cure Health is currently focused on two initiatives: the Desire Project, which looks to use MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to increase desire in women, and the Ibogaine Project, where manufactured ibogaine is being tested for its effectiveness with addicts.

Mind Cure CEO Kelsey Ramsden sat down with Shadd Dales to provide the latest details on each study and to further discuss the future of the company.

Mind Cure first announced their desire to synthetically produce ibogaine in March of this year, and after applying for a pair of patents in July, the group hopes to have ‘Good Laboratory Practice’ ibogaine ready for research partners by the start of Q2 next year.

This Good Laboratory Practice, or GLP, will lead to the eventual production of Good Manufacturing Practice ibogaine, which will eventually serve to offer large scale production of a product fit for global distribution.

Ramsden, who was also in attendance for this year’s Wonderland Psychedelics conference, opened with her three largest takeaways from the largest industry gathering to date.

“One, personally, was how early we are in the industry. And I know I talked about it when we’re on the I don’t think I really realized that you can still get every leader leading CEO in a room. And a relatively small room was really interesting. So that was great. I mean, and that the people were great, too.”

“The second big takeaway was how many people in the industry have ideas that haven’t come out of the box yet? So we’re all here,, partnerships, relationships, molecules, that people are kind of wait and see, because the market has been a little bit of a wait and see on us. So it’s a bit of what I always call a double dutch. People are going ‘Hey, is it time? When should we advance this? Do we know for sure where this thing headed?’ So I like yeah, that means opportunity. When there’s uncertainty, that’s the greatest amount of opportunity, people usually think about it the other way. So I like that.”

“ I think the third thing that’s for investors, obviously, the Compass data came out when we’re all there. And I think my two cents would be really recognizing what we’re talking about here. And that potentially, the Compass data was built up to solve all things. When it came in. It was good data. But it wasn’t we expected as this over the moon ‘psychedelics cures all’ kinds of moment.”

For those unfamiliar with the Compass Pathways study being referenced, the group released positive topline results from their landmark study of COMP360, a psilocybin derived compound used in therapeutics to treat depression. The results were released right in the middle of the two-day event.

The conversation moves away from Miami and the industry as a whole, and back to Mind Cure, with Ramsden clearly outlining her company’s main objectives for the near future.

Ramsden talks about the syntetication of ibogaine and the further development of iSTRYM, the state-of-the-art digital platform intended to offer data-backed support to those undergoing therapeutic procedures.

“So iSTRYM is first, selling Ibogaine for research is second, drug dev third. And yeah, absolutely. iSTRYM is going to be the number one thing for a period of time. And and you know, we’re in the States, we’re in Canada, eyes over to the UK, and points beyond. We’re well positioned and I do believe the other pieces or protocol catalog, like the work that we’re doing with Anthony and the guys that Awakn. That’s starting to really generate a lot of interest from other folks in the industry.”

The Desire Project – https://bit.ly/2XRVon6

The Ibogaine Project – https://bit.ly/30ROlfZ

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