InMed Pharmaceuticals Makes Noise With Patent Application & Acquisition: Cannabis Stock Investing

The Dales Report is once again joined by  InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: INM) CEO Eric Adams.

Adams and the team at InMed are fresh off of their acquisition of BayMedica, the US brand specializing in the development and manufacturing of rare cannabinoids, and the conversation explores the exciting plans that InMed has for the future of cannabis in the health and wellness space.

Obviously, federal regulatory issues remain a concern for all involved in the space, and those investing in cannabis are holding out hope for some sort of political advancement later in the year.

“You see a lot of discussion in Washington that’s going in the right direction, with a SAFE Act for sure,” stated Adams. “You know, we are pretty much heads down right now trying to work on the integration of our recent acquisition of BayMedica and getting everything up to speed with that team and with their programs. We’ve been very internally focused the last little bit but certainly are aware of our surroundings and how things are moving in the right direction.”

Adams spoke a bit more on the BayMedica acquisition and what it might mean for those cannabis investors looking to buy in on InMed stocks.

“We’ve traditionally been focusing on pharmaceutical applications of rare cannabinoids and treating some pretty serious diseases. In combination with that, we had our own internal specialty manufacturing approach called Integrasin that is more geared towards the pharmaceutical side of things. But, you know, we’re well aware of the fact that in the health and wellness space, the non-prescription over the counter type products, is really booming right now in the US.

“BayMedica is very well positioned as a manufacturer of rare cannabinoids for that space. And we think we can leverage off of their manufacturing know-how to launch new rare cannabinoids into the health and wellness space and help us down the road as we start to look at these pharmaceutical products.”

Shadd Dales asks about the recent news of InMed’s patent application for a cannabinoid treatment targeting neuro degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Huntingtons.

“We’re continuing our pharmaceutical research and we’re looking at the application of these rare cannabinoids and treating a number of different diseases.” 

Adams continues, “as you know, CBN is the first product that we brought forward in Epidermolysis Bullosa, a genetic skin condition that’s pretty rare. We’re also looking at glaucoma, that’s still preclinical, but we’re headed to the clinic, sometime in the next 12 to 16 months. So we’re headed in the right direction with those.”

“We’ve always known that the rare cannabinoids as a class of compounds, holds a lot of promise and a number of different areas.”

Adams goes on to offer a much deeper exploration into the subject and the research being conducted, making this a must listen for anyone looking to invest in cannabis stocks or simply wanting to expand their knowledge on the direction of the sector as a whole.

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