Investing In Psychedelics In 2022 With Zappy Zapolin

There are thousands of ways in which one could describe Zappy Zapolin. Boring is not one of them.

Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin is an award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur and investor in the expanding psychedelic space. But while the man they call ‘Zappy’ has managed to involve himself in almost every area of the industry, it is perhaps his role of ‘psychedelic concierge to the stars’ that has amplified his voice in the push to expand human consciousness through the use of psychoactive chemicals.

With interest in experimenting with psychedelics at an all-time high, Zappy has become the ‘go-to’ resource for celebrities seeking their first experience. His knowledge and insight into the space has seen him work with everyone from Deepak Chopra to Joel Osteen as he aims to further introduce the world to the hidden potential of psychedelics.

Today Zappy joined The Dales Report to discuss the space and the current outlook for psychedelic investors. The financial world is nothing new to the psychedelic guru, as Zapolin spent years holding down a prominent role with one of Wall Street’s most reputable investment banking firms.

While his Wall Street ventures and marketing endeavors made him millions, it was the emptiness he felt inside that ultimately led him down the path of psychedelic therapeutics.

Seeking a spiritual and personal breakthrough, Zapolin hopped on the next plane to Peru to participate in an ayahuasca ritual. The ancient psychoactive plant ceremony was a life-changing experience for the former Wall Street banker, and his experience was so profound that it led him down the same path he continues to walk today.

The Dales Report is happy to bring you this interview with one of the most interesting voices in the space, and while he might be most recognisable for his celebrity interactions, this conversation focuses on his thoughts in regards to investing in psychedelics and the outlook of the industry.

Watch our inaugural interview with Lamar Odom, former NBA Star, and Zappy Zapolin, award-winning filmmaker, by clicking here

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