Mindset Pharma: Psilocybin-Like Compound MSP-1014 Advancing Towards Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Mindset Pharma Inc. (CNSX: MSET) (OTCMKTS: MSSTF), a drug discovery and development company creating patentable next-generation psychedelic medicines to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders, is advancing compounds into phased studies.

Lead compound MSP-1014 is currently in preclinical studies but is making its way into Phase 1 trials. MSP-1014 is part of Mindset’s Family 1 drug candidates, with reduced potential side effects and safety profile compared to first-generation drug psilocybin. Given its improved pharmacological profile in preclinical models, Mindset has prioritized moving MSP-1014 to first-i- human studies to confirm human safety, pharmacokinetic profiles and the effective human dose range.

If MSP-1014 data translates, Mindset will have one of the first novel psychedelic drugs in human clinical trials with the potential to treat mood disorders, including major depressive disorder, substance misuse disorders and end-of-life angst associated with terminal illnesses. The company is in the process of manufacturing 1kg of pharmaceutical grade product to move into IND-enabling studies and subsequent human clinical trials as early as 2023.

As CEO James Lanthier explained in our latest interview, the new chemical entities that Mindset Pharma are developing are designed to improve upon the first-generation iterations of the drug. This not only makes them patentable, but engineered to retain and disassociate from the best and worst qualities or the original drug. The company believes MSP-1014 meets these objectives.

So MSP-1014 is, a, is a drug that we created because we aw an opportunity to improve on some of these shortcomings in psilocybin. We believe that there was an opportunity to make a—a really safer and a more predictable drug. And MSP-1014 is our most advanced asset. So, we did make an announcement, relatively recently, about starting to engage with the regulator… as we’re starting to define our clinical trial plan.

James Lanthier, CEO Mindset Pharma

Click on the embedded link to view the complete interview with Mindset Pharma CEO, James Lanthier, in his own words.

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