Mountain Valley MD CEO Dennis Hancock Talks Ivectosol Results, The Politicization Of Ivermectin, And More

With questions about the safety of COVID vaccines coming to the forefront, the need for safe mRNA vaccine alternatives is coming into the limelight. Although Mountain Valley MD (CNSX:MVMD) has no intention of taking on the power brokers who decide which drugs can be administered during the pandemic, it is advancing research that could eventually lead to an effective alternative.

On May 18, Mountain Valley announced that it has demonstrated that Ivectosol—the company’s patented solubilized ivermectin—successfully demonstrated a viral clearance effect on three targeted COVID variants tested in the strictest of lab environments. The third-party Bio Safety Level 4 induced results provide the company confidence to pursue immediate human Phase 1 clinical trials, which should initiate in short order. The results build on growing extraneous evidence that ivermectin may effectively attenuate the effects of COVID-19 and its constantly mutating variants.

Mountain Valley MD CEO Dennis Hancock agrees. Speaking of the results, Mr. Hancock has some thoughts on the effectiveness of ivermectin and how some of its leading protagonists are calling foul on the political interference holding it back:

Interestingly enough, there’s a lot of, you know, very compelling data coming out on the effectiveness of ivermectin. And then of course there’s lots of competing data, you know, suppressing that news. And, one of the—you know it’s not a battle that Mountain Valley is trying to take on… I saw a tweet from him yesterday (Dr. Pierre Kory, an outspoken proponent of ivermectin) literally calling out, you know, looking for a whistle blower inside FDA, pharma companies, World Health Organizations because the mountain of data is so strong. So obviously, he’s alluding to a lot of political stuff where finances are made and the Board rooms are won for their shareholders.

But as Dennis Hancock states, profit motives aren’t the overarching factor driving its therapeutic research. Mountain Valley has developed a novel drug delivery system that makes a useful and off-patent drug much more efficacious at lower doses, and has the potential to solve many world-class medical issues. And by doing so, they’ve given themselves 20-year exclusivity on a solubilized form of the drug.

If and when sensible and cost-effective COVID alternatives is allowed to permeate the political levers of power, Mountain Valley MD should have a leading role to play.

Click on the embedded link for more of our new interview with Mountain Valley MD CEO Dennis Hancock, in his own words.

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