Mydecine Advisor Discusses Psychedelics & His Personal Path To Recovery

2021 has proven to be a pivotal year for psychedelic therapeutics, as promising clinical trial results have helped to garner mainstream support for this emerging industry.

The Dales Report is joined by Dr. Rick Barnett of Mydecine Innovations Group (NEO: MYCO)(OTCMKTS: MYCOF), one of the companies leading the charge for the broad acceptance of psychedelics for medicinal practices, as psychoactive chemicals could prove to change the game in the battle to treat and cure mental diseases.

Dr. Barnett currently serves as a member of Mydecine’s advisory board, and his background as a clinical psychologist with an emphasis on addictive disorders has been key in the company’s ongoing study into psychedelics and smoking cessation.

Along with his advisory role, Dr. Barnett also works as a content provider for Mydecine’s Mindleap app, which focuses on mental health, integration, psychedelic preparation, and therapy.

Since its launch, Mindleap has received rave reviews, and many consider the content to be the best available for those looking to further their wellness practices with a system of support providers. With more than 33,000 downloads and over 150 registered support specialists, Mydecine expects the product to redefine what a wellness app can and should be.

“You know, there’s a lot of tools out there for people to use in this space for mental health, for wellness, for psychedelic integration for healing. And I think Mindleap stands out because it does a really good job of combining several tools, like having a meditation app embedded within a system of support providers that you can work with online.”

Dr. Barnett further elaborated on the app, adding that the layout grants users a quick and simple way to target specific areas of focus. Menu options include trauma, addiction, healing, and psychedelic use, and each section offers users a library of content from leading professionals.

“Mydecine has played a really pivotal role in approaching the psychedelic space in a very thoughtful and methodical way,” adds Dr. Barnett. Where some of the larger, more popular apps have chosen to focus on a single element, Mydecine’s approach is more of a methodical one that looks to cut through all of the noise that has made its way into the psychedelic conversation today.

As a clinical psychologist and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with a master’s degree in psychopharmacology, Dr. Barnett has a background in the space that spans more than two decades.

While his professional resume speaks for itself, it is his first-hand experience that makes his perspective particularly unique in comparison to so many practitioners in the psychedelics and addiction space.

“I believe when I was ready to put down alcohol and drugs myself, it was only because of my psychedelic experiences that I was open to seeing that life could be lived differently if I hadn’t been turned on or tuned in to what psychedelics did for me. I would not have been receptive to hearing the message of recovery.”

““And having been able to stay in recovery long term, the last 30 years, I credit that to both the people that I’ve met in fellowship within recovery, but also my early psychedelic experiences.”

As the conversation continues, Dales and Dr. Barnett discuss the stigmatisms associated with psychedelics and their use in the medicinal space and even touch on the current Covid situation and its impact on mental health globally.

This is the first of a two-part interview, with the second half dropping later this week, and it serves as a nice introduction to both the Mindleap application and one of the influential voices helping to shape the way psychedelics are being used to treat mental disorders.

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