One Stock Leading The ‘Charge’ In The Carbon Battery Space

Many have come to know The Dales Report for our extensive coverage of emerging industries that are changing the future of health, finance, and entertainment. While psychedelics, sports betting, cannabis reform, and blockchain technology all offer strong long-term potential for investors, climate change and environmental concerns have also created a new niche of companies looking to offer cleaner alternatives to yesterday’s technology. As governments and activists continue to lobby for a greener future, brands like Saint Jean Carbon (TSXV: SJL) (OTCMKTS: TORVF) are poised to become industry leaders in the race to develop eco-friendly solutions.

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with V-Bond Lee, Chief Technology Officer of Saint Jean Carbon to discuss the billion-dollar carbon industry and how his team is looking to change the space through carbon-derived batteries.

So, I’m going to be honest…

I can get excited about a call discussing the latest sports betting application or psychedelic trial result. Fill me in on government gossip on cannabis banking reform, and let me talk to the Reddit junkie who has managed to net seven figures flipping NFTs.

But it was difficult to get excited for a conversation about‘ batteries.’

Lee must have anticipated this response, as he quickly produced a timeline displaying the evolution of batteries, which reflected everything from battery size to energy output.

As consumers, we want things smaller, faster, cheaper, and to last longer. Each of these asks often comes at the expense of another, with ‘longer lasting’ usually requiring a larger battery leading to a heavier product.

Battery life, recharging speed, and weight are some of the most commonly discussed features of new cellphones and computers, and as the world continues to become more mobile, the evolution of batteries to meet modern requirements becomes increasingly important.

Let’s think beyond the cellphone or laptop you are likely holding at the moment and point to the automotive industry. Performance and longevity have limited the overall appeal of electric vehicles, and while many will agree that a green world would be a better place, few are willing to aid the cause by moving to an inferior electronic vehicle.

As technology in the battery space improves, solar and electronic energy can be stored more efficiently and applied across a broader spectrum of products. As V-Bond Lee explains, this is part of the goal he and the team at Saint Jean Carbon are looking to accomplish.

Our favorite batteries are ones we don’t have to think about, and the research and development being conducted by the team at Saint Jean Carbon aims to keep it that way.

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