OOOOO’s Fanz.com Brings Video Commerce Sports, Connecting Fans & Athletes

OOOOO Entertainment Commerce Limited (CVE: OOOO), the interactive  livestream shopping commerce platform, is looking to change the way fans around the world consume their favorite game with the launch of Fanz.com.

Fanz.com specifically caters to the global soccer community, combining OOOOO’s live video commerce experience with mobile gaming and an NFT marketplace. Offering unique experiences, Fanz.com will rely on OOOOO’s proprietary technology to bring fans closer to the game they love with unique merchandise and memorabilia offerings.

OOOOO Entertainment CEO Sam Jones joins The Dales Report to walk us through this exciting new platform and to further explain how interactive video is redefining the digital shopping landscape altogether.

So Why Soccer?

While Jones admittedly is a passionate fan himself, the decision to target the ‘Beautiful Game’ came from OOOOO’s quest to become the first user of their Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable live, browser-based live streaming.

To do so they wanted to target a specific community, and the sport of soccer with its 3.5 billion passionate fans proved to be an ideal match. 

“In the last few months, we’ve started to build a Software Development Kit” explains Jones, “which allows us to enable our partners to use the live streaming functions through to their browser. What that means is you don’t necessarily need an app.”

“Previously, OOOOO has been an app and our partners have an app. But there are a lot of people out there that are saying to us ‘can we take your live streaming services and push it into our website through the browser?’”

The desire to keep this product browser-based was largely driven by the sport’s global footprint, making the product easily accessable to all.

“It all goes through the.com, it all goes through the browser, there’s no app. And that was really important for the global soccer market, because there’s people watching soccer in every corner of the world.”

So How Will It All Work?

In a world obsessed with celebrity, Jones offers an example of how the Fanz.com platform will connect a fan in Texas with his favorite team halfway across the world.

“The first offering is for teams and athletes and legends to do live commerce to fans of products like much and memorabilia. So imagine a super Superstar Soccer fan, saying on their social media, I’m about to sign 100 shirts and give some of them away while I chat to you live.”

Teams and athletes have massive social appeal, and the technology created by OOOOO and being implemented by Fanz.com will grant them the platform needed to use their online influence to better sell goods.

“At the very basic level, we’re trying to give teams and athletes and ability to use their very large social following to convert people to an audience that’s global, where they can sell signed merch or a training kit that you can buy while you’re watching a training session. This is how I see the evolution of commerce.”

WIth McKinsey projecting that interactive video commerce will top $420 billion in 2022, this new interactive way of shopping is proving to be the way of the future. The trend is already massively popular in China and is sure to see its potential spread across the world.

To further the Fanz.com experience, the site will also grant users access to exclusive NFT’s and gaming experiences.

To better accomplish this, the team partnered with LabTech owner Teddy Sagi, tech and real estate billionaire. While OOOOO remains the majority owner of the new venture, Sagi’s involvement will surely be evident in the site’s gaming and NFT marketplaces.

“Teddy made a name for himself being a pioneer in the in the gambling industry building a company called PlayTech, which was essentially online gaming technology that he licensed all over the world. So he really became like a factory for gaming technology, and arguably the number one. So he’s he’s made a huge name for himself in that space. But he’s just repeated over and over and over creating wonderful ecosystems.”

The conversation sees Jones further discuss the technology under the hood of Fanz.com and elaborate on the potential that exists in the interactive video commerce space today. As evident by consumer trends, people are spending more time and money online than ever, and Fanz.com’s ability to connect a consumer with his favorite athlete or team a thousand miles away is sure to disrupt the billion dollar business of sports merchandise and athletic equipment.

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