Party Like It’s Your First Psychedelic Conference Post-Lockdown: Wonderland, Miami

I didn’t intend to start this by referencing COVID because it goes without saying that among the many mental health atrocities, it has also been a social suck. Yet, here I am asking the question: Where does all the pent-up party energy go? Less than a month from Wonderland in Miami–“the largest in-person conference the psychedelic medicine industry has ever seen”–and you’re still on the fence about buying a ticket. Held at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, one of the largest performing arts centers in the United States, the conference runs November 8-9 and features many of the industry leaders, scientists, advocates, and entrepreneurs you’ve been Twitter-stalking the past year and a half (or longer?)

“You can get smarter and have a good time,” says Patrick Moher, CEO of Microdose—the psychedelics business, education, and event platform behind Wonderland. “This isn’t going to be a boring, stuffy trade show.”

One example of their fresh approach will be the use of projection mapping technology to create an animated living stage. But what happens on the stage and the conference floor are only half the reasons to buy a ticket, get on a plane, and go to Miami. After being relegated to small, socially-distanced gatherings and Zoom meetups to celebrate major strides in the psychedelic industry, wouldn’t it be nice to shake hands and show appreciation for the people making it happen? Wouldn’t it be nice to look each other in the eye and have a conversation–glitch-free? Wouldn’t it be nice to bask in the cacophony of applause at the 1st Annual Microdose Awards?

“There seems to be a lot of appetite for people getting back into events, gatherings, travel, and in-person interactions,” says Moher, noting that ticket sales have not been an issue. For those who have already bought their tickets, “great decision!” he adds. (Maybe he even winked at this point, hinting at some surprises for attendees). For those who have not bought a ticket, he warns that you’ll be seeing Wonderland all over your timeline. This could very well be the conference where people look back and say, “That’s where I met so-and-so which led to this-and-that.”

But it isn’t all about the pre-party cocktailin’ at the Getty family’s private mansion, after-parties on 90-ft yachts, or celebrity sightings (I’m referring to Robin Carhart-Harris as much as I am Mike Tyson at this point). “It’s also a professional event with a high-level crowd,” reassures Moher, adding that “every analyst” has been invited. (Analysts know how to party too).

If you’d like to take a trip to Wonderland, follow the rabbit this way.

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