PharmaDrug CEO Predicts Active Q1 For Psychedelic Investors

We last spoke with Canadian specialty pharmaceutical drug company PharmaDrug Inc.(CNSX: PHRX) (OTCMKTS: LMLLF) in December after the company’s Cepharanthin research had delivered promising results as a potential cure for COVID.

The Dales Report is joined once again by PharmaDrug CEO Daniel Cohen to discuss the latest news developments and to offer psychedelic investors a more comprehensive look at the current direction of the brand.

Early in the conversation, Cohen makes his enthusiasm for the current state of the psychedelic space evident, hinting to a stead flow of Q1 press releases from his brand.

“We’re gonna see consistent news flow coming out of it starting next week, because we’ve been working so hard on so many different fronts, and that’s gonna start to show itself, you know, developments, updates, new things happening from results.”

Those investing in the psychedelic space are all to familiar with the struggles that the biotech sector saw on the financial markets last year. It is Cohen’s expectation that the upcoming run of press, from his and many other companies, will help to revive the fervor and excitement that had previously existed around psychedelic therapeutics.

Dales and Cohen dive right into PharmaDrug’s most promising candidate, Cepharanthin, and discuss ongoing efforts to prove the drug’s effectiveness in relation to COVID and cancer.

With the recent release for Pfizer’s COVID pill, Cohen discusses the hype and promise of better antiviral solutions. With PharmaDrug participating in this race to improved antiviral pills, Cohen discusses trials and the FDA vetting process.

“There’s two things that you got to look at when you’re trying to start a clinical trial with the FDA. And that’s the actual sickness, the indication that you’re going after. But also you have to prove the fact that you have a real pill or real medicine.”

“The majority of clinical trials that end up failing actually fail because of the CMC, which is the chemistry, manufacturing, control, and ability to produce a pharmaceutical grade pill with precision. And one of the best results that we got with our IND meeting with the FDA was on Cepharanthin CMC.”

The conversation returns to the financial front, with Dales directly addressing both the hopes and hesitations held by those looking to invest in psychedelics.

The pair go on to walk listeners through the current state of the industry, while highlighting numerous ongoing efforts that intend to further legitiamize the effectiveness of these psychoactive compounds in the fight against numerous health issues.

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