Putting Money Where It Matters: Psychedelic Companies Giving Back

Since 2018, Tabula Rasa Ventures has been supporting entrepreneurs in the psychedelics industry through their incubator and accelerator, typically working with early-stage startups across pharma, healthcare, digital, and tech. This includes helping design pre-clinical plans for drug development companies, securing partnerships, and raising money, as well as creating opportunities for increased visibility through the virtual psychedelic conference, Psyched. Bringing together the scientific community, non-profits, Indigenous leaders, and investors, Tabula Rasa is also hosting the first-ever medical psychedelics series at Davos this year. 

What Companies Have Reciprocity Baked Into Their Business Model? 

Tabula Rasa Ventures’ managing partner, Maria Velkova tells The Dales Report:

“The way money is being handled in our world is centralized and stigmatized. Wealth redistribution fuels innovation. It fuels novel thinking. Getting different perspectives, learning and listening to echo other, fuels innovation,” whereas, she says, we stagnate innovation by only looking to people who think the same ways.

“For the first time within the psychedelics industry, people are really fueled to put reciprocity at the forefront. Tabula Rasa has pledged ten percent of profits to advance scientific research, support indigenous communities, expand patient access, especially for underprivileged communities.” Velkova lists the following companies

Journey Colab
Maya Health
Journey Clinical

“Personally, what has brought the biggest joy in my life is giving unconditionally. When you make a real impact in someone’s life, it’s the biggest fuel. For example, I was listening to a Sam Harris podcast discussing a “give what you can” pledge to channel what you can to do good in the world and expand the norms of generosity.”

Have Psychedelics Had An Impact On You? Can You Pinpoint A Moment That Oriented You Towards This Work? 

“Living in today’s world is traumatic for everyone, to one level or another. These medicines and compounds have helped me look inside of myself. I come from an immigrant family, and for us, it’s about ticking the boxes of society rather than what is bringing us joy and happiness. The biggest joy in my life is helping others without expecting anything in return. I got to this place with the help of these medicines. I was stuck in the corporate hamster wheel but I didn’t feel complete within myself. With [these medicines], I was able to look inside of myself and do things that bring the light that I have inside. And bring the skills I have gained to fuel and catalyze work that is going to touch people’s lives and get them out of being stuck. Everyone is supposed to do what they feel aligned to. I think we should all follow our own path and not get sucked into expectations.”

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