Revitalist’s Kathryn Walker On Psychedelics & Their Potential To Upend Traditional Medicine

Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness LTD. is one of the leading companies paving the way for psychedelics and their use in medicinal practices to combat mental health issues, and CEO Kathryn Walker sits down with The Dales Report to update psychedelic investors on the latest happenings within the company.

It was announced today that Revitalist has just secured it’s 9th psychedelic assisted psychotherapy clinic location where the company hopes to begin offering ketamine assisted therapy before the end of the year.

This clinic is the first for Revitalist in Florida, but now sees the company operational in six different US states.

Revitalist distinguishes itself from other publicly traded mental health companies by being the first to have successfully implemented a team-like approach to their therapeutic practice. This sees clients receive treatment that brings together medical and mental health providers in a cohesive way that creates the safest environment for these types of sessions. The two providers work in conjunction to focus on each of their areas of expertise to more effectively treat the client throughout the duration of the session.

Walker’s outlook on the space is extremely optimistic, and with the Wonderland: Miami only solidified her belief in the current direction of the psychedelic therapeutics space as a whole.

“Let’s think about traditional medicine right now. Westernized medicine, most people don’t like westernized providers. They don’t like the big pharmaceutical companies. But let’s look at the money that those big pharmaceutical companies have, right? So there’s tons of money that those companies have. And right now, what we’re seeing is the transition into something new. So all the big pharmaceutical companies, they’re always going to have huge stakeholders, this is giving a very new time for up and coming companies, not only in the research world, but where investors can put money in on the ground level, you know, and these are going to be billion dollar companies.”

This change, however, will not be overnight, and Walker alludes to this in the conversation by using traditional medicine as a point of comparison.

“It’s only been about 100 years since we developed or created the first antibiotic, right? That’s how new medicine is. So for medicine to flip something in one day, or two days or one week, it’s not going to happen that quickly. Because we have to build the infrastructure, we have to create a whole new system and look at the healthcare industry in the United States. It’s one of the biggest industries in the entire country. And right now its shifting. So, you know, for investors to be in this space, they really need to be in it for the long haul.”

“To understand, you know, like Procter and Gamble didn’t become who they were, in one night, it took a second to get there. But they’re really going to have to learn to trust the people that are the strong handles, you know, kind of trust strongholds, I guess, in this space, in order to understand that when they build up their concrete slab is not going to be porous. It’s going to be well.”

The pair go on to further discuss investing in psychedelics, but mainly shift their focus to Revitalist’s current trajectory and future outlook. As always, Kathryn Walker entertains listeners with her wealth of knowledge, and her insight is a must for anyone looking to further invest in the evolving psychedelic therapeutics space.

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