Study Shows Promise In Cure For Alzheimers: MYND Life Sciences Looks To Biomarkets In Fight Against Mental Disease

MYND Life Sciences has changed the way many view psychedelic therapeutics through their unique reliance on biomarkers, and the Vancouver-based neuro-pharmaceutical company recently went public with some major news for the space.

Last week, MYND Life Sciences announced that their subsidiary MYND Diagnostics Inc. had officially begun a round of clinical research on a procedure that would facilitate the diagnosis and early detection of Multiple Sclerosis. The testing would involve NYMD’s proprietary anti-inflammatory peptide biomarker, and the group hopes to improve the ability to diagnose and track the disease.

Dr. Lyle Oberg, CEO of MYND Life Sciences sat down with The Dales Report at this year’s Wonderland: Miami Psychedelic Conference to update psychedelic investors on the brand’s recent developments and to elaborate on the company’s vision for the future.

“I’m here to talk about our biomarker” opens Dr. Oberg. “We’re making some incredible advances with that we’re looking at having the ability to diagnose and monitor depression, and we’re looking very closely at postpartum depression right now, for a lot of different reasons, as well as other inflammatory diseases. And we think our biomarker will be able to lend an air of objectivity to it in a place that was really just simply subjective in the past.”

We have written extensively about MYND and their biomarker technology as it relates to better identifying and treating mental disorders and other ailments in patients, and Dr. Oberg felt that the convention offered the perfect platform for his team to expose the greater public to the exciting results they are seeing in early tests.

Dr. Oberg explained the focus of the current biomarker studies and explained how the science behind the IP can potentially be used in a wide variety of medical studies.

“Well, obviously we’re looking at depression, but we’re also going to be looking at AMS, which has a central nervous system, inflammatory disease, we’re going to be looking at Parkinson’s, we’re going to be looking at Alzheimer’s disease. And all of these are implant neuro inflammatory diseases. So the ability to diagnose or just like any kind of cancer or any kind of disease, if you catch it early, chances are you can do something about it. And that’s what this biomarker is all about. It’s a dependable way to determine what your body is doing against a certain malady.”

One thing that will be of a particular interest to those investing in psychedelic stocks is the recent purchase of an Alzheimer’s IP that has already proven to be effective in tests conducted with mice.

We just purchased a Alzheimer’s IP,” explains Oberg, “which is a different approach to Alzheimer’s disease. Our scientists just got published in The Lancet in a really revolutionary study that actually showed on mice, Maji, humanized mice, but it actually showed that Alzheimer’s disease regressed. And what that means is that they got their memory back.”

The conversation paints a hopeful future for both the pharmacological advancements and wide acceptance of psychedelic compounds in the world of medicine. As Dr. Oberg expresses, MYND Life Sciences looks to be at the front of this charge into the battle for better treatment options for those suffering from mental health diseases.

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