Synthesized Non-Hallucinogenic LSD Puts BetterLife Pharma on Psychedelic Investors Radar

It has been a big week for BetterLife Pharma Inc (CSE:BETR, OTCQB:BETRF), as the life sciences company revealed that they now have received the behavioural animal pharmacology data in relations to their leading candidate 2-bromo-LSD (TD-0148A).

The Vancouver-based company is dedicated to the research and development of second-generation psychedelic compounds, with their studies targeting psychoactive ingredients and their potential in the mental health and wellness sectors.

 The Dales Report caught up with BetterLife Pharma CEO Ahmad Doroudian at this year’s Wonderland: Miami Psychedelics Conference, an event he attended as a guest speaker, to connect on the latest findings and developments coming out of his company’s research.

“I told the audience you are going to remember you were here,” commented Doroudian on his panel discussion.”In five to 10 years it is going to be 20,000 people, then 25,000, and 30,000. I truly believe that we’re the start of a new space of this in mental health, and our group, specifically, we have really zeroed in on a non hallucinogenic approach.”

This non hallucinogenic approach refers to BetterLife Pharma’s 2-bromo-LSD product mentioned above, which the company believes offers the same therapeutic benefits of LSD without the psychoactive trip.

It’s been around since LSD was invented by the same chemist, Albert Hofmann, but wasn’t researched for years and years. There was a lot of anecdotal evidence that it works and helps with certain things, especially cluster headaches. But realistically, there was nothing in terms of science that was generated as to why it works, or what are the different mechanisms or mechanism actions?”

“So what that’s what we’ve done, we spent the last eight to nine months synthesizing it, which was a huge endeavor, because we synthesized a completely non schedule, non controller. We don’t touch anything that is in any way regulated. 2-bromo LSD is not (regulated), but if you wanted to make it previously, you had to start with LSD, which is controlled, right?”

“So what we did was acquire this patent that allows us to manufacture, then we spent a lot of time tweaking it. But now we have the only process that allows us to make 2-bromo-LSD, completely non-controlled, there’s no residuals that are scheduled.”

In essence, this synthesizing process allows BetterLife Pharma the opportunity to manufacture 2-bromo-LSD without requiring any laws to be changed. Legality and regulation has long been the biggest hurdle for life science companies looking to research and produce drugs that include controlled substances, but this patent allows BetterLife to sidestep potential legal hurdles and focus on their product rather than the politics slowing the space.

“That translates into a much faster development, ease of use, manufacturing, shipping, storing, administering, you know. That kind of thing makes it a lot easier to advance this through its development.”

Doroudian goes on to discuss the importance of creating a product that is both easy and safe to use for the general public at home. Many of the psychedelic therapeutics currently being developed are reliant on a trained “guide” to administer the drug and then lead the patient through the duration of the drug’s effect.

Here, BetterLife would like to create something similar to common antibiotics, where a patient can simply pick the drug up from the pharmacy and take the pill in the comfort of their own home with little to no concern of potential side effects. The concern of adverse effects is extremely high when talking about psychedelic substances, and this 2-bromo-LSD looks to change that narrative.

The conversation continues down this path and further discusses the importance and need for wide acceptance of psychedelic therapeutics into treatment programs for mental health, a movement led by voices like Ahman Doroudian and his team at BetterLife Pharma.

The Wonderland: Miami event offered us the opportunity to speak with a wide variety of voices in the psychedelic space, and this conversation had us particularly excited for the future of the psychedelic investing space, with BetterLife Pharma securing a spot on our radar as we continue to monitor the developments in the space. 

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