An Announcement Revive Therapeutics Has Been Waiting For

What will the ripple effect have on the Psychedelic space after this week’s announcement involving 4 terminal ill Canadians receiving psilocybin therapy?

In this latest segment of Bringing Psychedelics to Life with Revive Therapeutics, Derek Welsh shares what this announcement means, who potentially could qualify for it, and what kind of ripple effect this announcement will have across the world pertaining to the medical approach of psychedelics.

DisclaimerThe principal(s) of The Dales Report have an existing position in Revive Therapeutics, as well as an existing agency agreement. The article is neither a solicitation nor endorsement to purchase the profiled security. There is substantial risk purchasing Revive Therapeutics based on the information provided, and has been published for informational purposes only. The principal(s) may divest or make additional purchases of securities without further notice. Please contact a licensed investment advisor if you are considering investing in Revive Therapeutics.

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