Apeiron and Other Key Shareholders of atai Life Sciences Reinforce Support by Entering into Extended, Voluntary Share Lock-up Agreements

• Apeiron and other key shareholders enter into voluntary lock-up agreements
• This voluntary lock-up extends trading restrictions by 24 months for Apeiron and 12 months for other investors
• Demonstrates strong ongoing confidence in atai’s diversified platform and multiple innovative programs designed to address unmet patient need in mental health

atai Life Sciences N.V. (NASDAQ: ATAI), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company aiming to transform the treatment of mental health disorders, today announced that Apeiron Investment Group, the family office of its Founder and Chairman, Christian Angermayer, has decided to voluntarily extend its lock-up for all of its pre-IPO common shares for another 24 months, subject to limited exceptions. These shares represent approximately 17.4% of atai’s outstanding common shares.

In addition, other of atai’s largest pre-IPO investors have similarly signed voluntary agreements, extending their respective lock-up restrictions for an additional 12 months, subject to limited exceptions.

In the aggregate, these renewed lock-up agreements represent over 30% of atai’s outstanding common shares and illustrate the confidence of atai’s key shareholders in atai’s platform and its potential to address the growing mental health crisis.

“I truly believe that atai Life Sciences is one of these rare companies where the stars are aligned: the mission, the strategy, the execution, and the macro-environment. I couldn’t be more excited about atai’s future and its potential to play a vital role in solving one of humanity’s biggest challenges – the, unfortunately, continuously escalating mental health crisis,” comments Christian Angermayer. “As a personal matter, it is imperative to me to be on this journey for the long run, to leave this world a better place, and to play a meaningful role in bringing healing and relief to the millions and millions of people currently suffering. I refuse to disappoint them.”

For us, the IPO was just the beginning; another financing round on a long term, entrepreneurial journey, all with the goal of bringing new and better treatment options to people suffering from mental health disorders. We are extremely grateful to have Christian as a Founder, Chairman and investor. We are equally grateful to our other key shareholders who have shown their support and long-term commitment to atai through this unparalleled action.

Florian Brand, Co-Founder and CEO

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