atai Life Sciences Increases Loan in Principal by US$6m to Support IntelGenx’s Graduation to Toronto Stock Exchange After Positive Early Feasibility Study Data

atai Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ATAI), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company aiming to transform the treatment of mental health disorders, today announced it has entered into an amended and restated loan agreement (“Loan Agreement”) with strategic partner IntelGenx Technologies Corp. (“IntelGenx”) to support IntelGenx’s conditionally approved graduation from the TSX Venture Exchange to the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”). Completion of the uplisting and the commencement of trading of IntelGenx’s common shares, 8% convertible debentures with a maturity date of June 30, 2022, and share purchase warrants expiring on February 11, 2023 is subject to the satisfaction by IntelGenx of all of the final conditions of listing.

atai has agreed to increase the principal amount of its outstanding US$2,500,000 loan to IntelGenx by an additional US$6,000,000, with US$3,000,000 to become available to IntelGenx in each of January 2022 and January 2023, subject to customary conditions. The loan is in addition to atai’s previously announced initial equity investment of an approximately 25% interest in IntelGenx. The loan bears interest at a rate of 8% per annum, payable at maturity, and matures in January 2024. The borrower under the secured loan is IntelGenx’s wholly-owned subsidiary, IntelGenx Corp., and the loan is guaranteed by IntelGenx.

As part of the strategic partnership, IntelGenx partnered exclusively with atai to develop formulations of compounds for the prevention or treatment of mental health diseases or disorders, including compounds that have psychedelic, entactogenic and/or oneirophrenic properties (such as DMT and psilocybin, among others). atai agreed to increase the loan principal in part on the basis of early data generated from its ongoing feasibility studies conducted with IntelGenx.

“We are proud to deepen our relationship with atai, while strengthening our positions of leadership and boldly innovating novel psychedelic therapies,” said Dr. Horst G. Zerbe, CEO of IntelGenx. “I’m excited about our companies’ mutual efforts to advance our robust pipelines, while finding synergistic ways to work together to develop better compounds and modes of delivery to benefit patients.”

This transaction illustrates our confidence in IntelGenx’s film technology and the potential it has in the development of product candidates to treat mental health disorders. We look forward to collaborating to transition this innovative film delivery technology into the clinic.

Florian Brand, CEO of atai

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