Beyond Addiction: Stanford Explores Ibogaine for Brain Injury

The TDR Three Takeaways:

  1. Promising Treatment for TBI: Stanford Medicine’s study shows that Ibogaine, when combined with magnesium, may offer significant improvements in symptoms related to Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), including functioning, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, particularly in veterans.
  2. Beyond Opioid Addiction: Ibogaine’s potential applications extend beyond its known use for opioid addiction. The substance is gaining attention for its possible benefits in treating various neurological and psychiatric disorders.
  3. Investment Considerations: Universal Ibogaine, the sole public company focused on Ibogaine’s therapeutic uses, is in the process of recapitalization and could present a unique investment opportunity as it works to resolve its auditing challenges and secure new financing.

Stanford Medicine researchers have conducted a ground-breaking study to evaluate the effectiveness of Ibogaine in treating veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Released last Friday, the results focus on Magnesium-Ibogaine therapy for TBIs. Involving 30 male veterans, mainly with mild TBI, the study assessed Ibogaine’s safety and efficacy when combined with magnesium. Significant improvements were observed in functioning, depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms. These findings suggest Ibogaine’s potential in treating not only opioid addiction but also complex neurological and psychiatric conditions, especially in veterans with TBIs. However, the necessity for more controlled clinical trials is highlighted to further establish Ibogaine’s broader therapeutic efficacy.

Ibogaine, a psychoactive compound from the African shrub Tabernanthe iboga, differs from traditional West African spiritual medicine Iboga. Known for its unique pharmacological properties, Ibogaine is processed for specific therapeutic applications, particularly in treating opioid addiction by interrupting substance dependence and reducing withdrawal symptoms. Its potential extends beyond addiction, as recent studies have explored its effectiveness in treating various neurological and psychiatric disorders.

This complements findings from Geoffrey E. Noller et al.’s study, “Ibogaine treatment outcomes for opioid dependence from a twelve-month follow-up observational study.” This study emphasized Ibogaine’s efficacy in reducing opioid withdrawal symptoms and sustaining reduced opioid use over 12 months, underlying Ibogaine’s diverse therapeutic potential.

Investors seeking to profit from these developments might consider Universal Ibogaine, currently the only public company focusing on Ibogaine. In light of recent challenges, including audit filing and the need for new financing, the company announced significant developments on December 1st, 2023. These developments include the appointment of MNP as their new auditor, a commitment to an audit update, an initial financing of $125,000, and a $1 million offering at a stock price of 1 cent.

Two notable aspects of these developments warrant attention. Firstly, Zappy Zapolin has joined the company, bringing valuable expertise to enhance awareness efforts. Secondly, in a recent discussion with CEO Nick Karos, he conveyed his dedication as a significant investor and board member, now serving as CEO, to the company’s recapitalization and the initiation of a Phase 1 trial. Mr. Karos acknowledged the potential dilutive impact of recapitalization on current stakeholders, including himself. However, he emphasized the compelling value proposition for new investors at the current stock price.

We aim to keep our readers informed about investment opportunities related to Iboga/Ibogaine/TA and will update you on the unfolding developments and benefits of Ibogaine and how investors can execute on this. We will pay close attention to Universal Ibogaine and will consider providing analytical coverage of the company in the future. 

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