COMPASS Pathways Announces Even More Positive Results From Its COMP360 Therapy

COMPASS Pathways (CMPS) publicly revealed additional positive results from its trailblazing Phase IIB COMP360 psilocybin therapy trial. The aim of this trial is to determine if psilocybin helps treat depression in individuals who have not progressed with other treatment modalities. The latest results stemming from this investigational trial are a bullish sign for COMPASS Pathways and overarching psychedelic investing as a whole.

Breaking Down the Latest Trial Results

The additional information revealed about the COMP360 psilocybin therapy trial shows positive topline results that have been validated through subsequent analysis.  Patients participating in the therapy have enjoyed significant improvements in addition to decreased symptoms of depression.  The trial results provide additional insights into the circumstance as well as the timing of patient’s adverse events, making it clear that those involved in the trial tolerated COP360 psilocybin therapy quite well.

The COMPASS Pathways Phase IIB clinical trial for COMP360 therapy using psilocybin is designed to gauge the impact of the drug for individuals who have proven resistant to treatment.  In plain terms, this means individuals suffering from depression who are still depressed after using conventional treatment modalities might greatly benefit from the use of psilocybin.  Subsequent analysis of both primary and secondary endpoints have reaffirmed the initial topline results, offering valuable insights, especially in the context of the safety of this unique treatment modality.  

Patients in the trial provided with 25mg of COMP360 psilocybin showed more improvement than those who received merely 1mg when analysis was conducted at the three-week mark.  It must be noted both patient groups were provided with psychological support in addition to psilocybin.  Ongoing analysis will be conducted in the weeks ahead.  

The trial will culminate in the submission of the full trial results in a peer-reviewed journal published for worldwide analysis.  Regulators will have access to this data at some point in the first financial quarter of 2022.  The trial’s overarching aim is to determine the exact dosage of psilocybin necessary to conduct a Phase III trial that will commence in the new year.

COMPASS Pathways’ Comments on the Trial

Let’s shift our attention to the statements made by representatives from COMPASS Pathways.  The company’s Chief Medical Officer, Guy Goodwin, stated the ongoing analysis reveals the findings are robust.  Goodwin highlighted the fact that a single elevated dose of COMP360 psilocybin provided in unison with psychological support spurred a quick and prolonged response in many patients involved in the trial.  The company also observed ongoing improvements in terms of patient quality of life, the activities of daily living (ADLs), anxiety measures and depression.  

Goodwin also hammered home the point that one-quarter of the 25mg dosage group maintained its response at the 12-week mark following a single administration without the use of any other antidepressant drugs.  He stressed the fact that this finding alone is unprecedented, meaning there is that much more reason for psychedelic investors to have confidence in COMPASS Pathways’ prospects as a profitable company across posterity.  The hope is that psilocybin will eventually make it to the market for use by patients suffering from depression that has not been successfully treated with other drugs and counseling.  

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