Diving Into Exciting Emerging Sectors With Cody Shandraw

The Dales Report brings you another psychedelic exclusive. Today we talk to entrepreneur Cody Shandraw, Managing Partner at Ambria Capital & Phyto Partners IV, about the investment potential of the cannabis and psychedelics industries.

Emergent industries come with some risks, but there are also big opportunities to be found there. With the MAPS data from their Phase 3 Clinical Trial on MDMA assisted therapy (MDMA-AT) recently published, and Washington determining whether to reschedule cannabis, there’s a possibility that these markets may soon be flooded with institutional investors.

For now, we discuss the opportunities available to early investors in these growing markets. For those who are debating the differences, we’ll compare the performance of both cannabis and psychedelics industries. Both the larger user market of cannabis and the medical indications of psychedelics come with avenues to grow. MDMA-AT could be used to treat eating disorders and addictions, and other psychedelics could be used for generalized mental health treatments including anxiety.

MDMA may have a huge impact on the mental health industry. With psychedelics likely being limited to clinical settings, Cody delves into the estimated cost of psychedelic therapy for PTSD. What is the potential a cost-benefit analysis? Cody mentions a figure of $670,000 per person for MAPS therapy.

Looking at the average amount spent by cannabis users annually, we highlight the financial aspects of these industries. Adult recreational use has some hot potential, especially with Florida and other states beginning to see some lucrative financial opportunities for themselves.

The conversation is filled with excitement about recent news in the psychedelics and cannabis sectors. We discuss the increasing support for cannabis legalization among Republicans and the overall optimism regarding investment opportunities in both industries. It’s a dynamic and informative discussion that sheds light on the potential of these emerging markets. Be sure to tune in and hear the details on this episode with Cody Shandraw!

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