Elmer Piros On How Biotech Investments Shape The Market

The Dales Report is here with another Psychedelic Exclusive podcast. Today, Shadd and Anthony sit down with analyst Elmer Piros to talk about the investment potential of psychedelic biotech. Is there a possibility that we’ll see increased institutional investment soon?

We’ve seen tantalizing glimpses of what psychedelics might be able to offer for mental health issues including traditionally treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, anxiety, and alcohol use disorders. The recent MAPS clinical data on MDMA-assisted therapy is frankly groundbreaking, and Steve Cohen’s investment in Cybin has a lot of emerging market investors excited. Both set the stage for the possibility of a significant market shift.

Moreover, we discuss the potential for FDA fast-tracking of MDMA approval, drawing parallels with cannabis industry reform. Part of our discussion explores how the collaborations between MAPS, Compass Pathways, and the FDA have paved the way for valuable lessons in psychedelic drug development and FDA approval, hopefully making it easier to get new treatments developed and to patients who need it.

We explore some of the insights into the growing interest of institutional investors as they transition from hopeful investments to data-driven investment decisions in the psychedelic sector. Part of that discussion will examine the potential market value and investor enthusiasm surrounding psychedelic companies, with projections estimating valuations of under $1 billion. Notably, investors like Steve Cohen contribute millions of dollars to psychedelic research and development.

Mergers and acquisitions are projected to continue shaping the industry landscape, and there are many attractive intellectual properties like Awakn Life Science’s Phase 3 trial for alcohol use disorder. Uncover the significance of these mergers and acquisitions as companies strive to diversify assets and reduce single asset risk.

Lastly, we discuss the immense growth potential of the psychedelic space, with predictions of new companies emerging while emphasizing the importance of regulatory developments and potential scheduling of drugs like MDMA and psilocybin. Don’t miss out on this podcast with analyst Elmer Piros!

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