HAVN Life To Begin Supplying its Naturally Derived Psilocybin Products For Use in World’s Largest Medical Psilocybin and Real World Data Project

The Company is a designated supplier, providing cGMP psilocybin to Project Solace participants

HAVN Life Sciences Inc. (CNSX: HAVN) (OTCMKTS: HAVLF), a biotechnology company pursuing standardized extraction of psychoactive compounds and the development of natural health products, is pleased to announce its participation in Project Solace, launching in Canada this July. A collaboration between Canadian non-profit TheraPsil and the UK’s Drug Science, the project will be the largest medical psilocybin and data project to date, providing a safe supply of psilocybin to patients in medical need.

Project Solace aims to expand legal access to psilocybin medicine for Canadian patients suffering from conditions such as end-of-life distress, Major Depressive Disorder and other serious conditions for which traditional treatment options have failed. While doing this, Project Solace aims to develop a substantial body of evidence, using a real-world data (RWD) registry, to document clinical effectiveness, safety, and clinician and patient reported outcomes in patients who have received psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy by access to psilocybin through Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP).

Project Solace will begin assisting patients in five primary regions in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, with plans to expand as additional treatment teams are on boarded. Patients will be connected to prescribing healthcare professionals who can request cGMP psilocybin from designated suppliers enrolled in Project Solace, including HAVN Life, Filament Health and Psygen.

Health Canada has designated the Special Access Program (SAP), along with clinical trials, as a preferred pathway for patients to access psilocybin for medical purposes. Under SAP, prescribing healthcare professionals can request psilocybin, manufactured by Health Canada-approved licensed dealers, for seriously-ill patients who require emergency access to this medicine.

We are honored to participate in Project Solace, the first-of-its-kind that will provide thousands of Canadians with a life-changing opportunity to receive psilocybin assisted therapy. Projects like these speak to the very foundation of HAVN Life, which is to support and serve communities in need of cognitive and mental health treatment alternatives and help them achieve their full potential. We are excited to be part of this potentially transformative effort on the path towards full Health Canada approval.

HAVN Life CEO Tim Moore

The anonymised data collected through Project Solace will be provided to regulatory bodies including Health Canada, to facilitate decision-making surrounding the regulatory system for the future of medicalized psilocybin.

Data collected from Project Solace will be a critical tool for prescribing healthcare professionals, and help future patients decide which licensed producers of psilocybin products best suit their medical needs. The data will also be released to designated suppliers enrolled in the RWD program and the general public.

Havn Life’s operations in Jamaica are facilitated by strategic partnerships with Hypha Wellness and P.A. Benjamin Manufacturing Company to provide cultivation and processing facilities for psilocybin containing mushrooms, solidifying relationships with local partners.

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