How Harbour Could Change A Leaf’s Stigma Into Solutions

We’re back with another The Dales Report Psychedelic Exclusive. Today we’re pleased to have join with us Safe Supply (CSE: SPLY) advisor, Ronan Levy, and the CEO of Harbour Solution, David Craig. In this episode, we are looking at how Harbour is tackling a very different leaf than the cannabis you’re used to hearing a lot about.

As we all know, Nancy Reagan’s War on Drugs hasn’t accomplished the good it was supposed to set out to do. In fact, many are of the opinion that it’s an absolute failure. Something needs to shift, and that’s where this company comes in. Earlier this month, Safe Supply began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange. It was a company created to invest in and incubate companies at the forefront of the third wave of drug policy reform.

David Craig shares a lot about Harbour’s innovative approach to addressing the current crisis involving harnessing a certain leaf’s power. Harbour has set out to bring active and non-active extracts and derivatives of this plant to market in Canada.

It’s a plant that most people only know about the narcotic potential, but it has a big history in South America, and has been used and revered by many there for millennia. The transformative potential of leaf could result in weight loss, blood sugar management, and more. It has health benefits that range from combating altitude sickness to boosting energy and its potential as a functional food and supplement, reshaping its narrative.

Shadd touches on the legal importation and distribution of the leaf in Canada, thanks to a groundbreaking contract with the Peruvian government. The leaf-based products could have market potential, and we touch on the involvement of industry experts, as well as the therapeutic applications and the company’s dedication to product development.

Join us as we talk about its role in the evolving cannabis industry and the impact of CPG companies. Tune in for a fresh perspective on this plant.

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