How Healing REIT Is Poised to Build A National Real Estate Footprint

We continue to roll out our on-location TDR Exclusives from the MAPS Psychedelics Science Conference 2023. In this latest episode, we welcome Healing REIT Chairman Joe Caltabiano and Advisor Matthew “Whiz” Buckley to the show to talk with host Shadd Dales and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell.  The big topic of discussion? How real estate is transforming mental healthcare investments and access for the psychedelic space.

It’s looking more and more like legalization in psychedelics will most likely look like receiving a treatment course coupled with professional supervision and psychotherapy in a specialized clinic. That means that not only will the industry need to find therapists willing to adopt psychedelics, they’ll need places where clients can come for these treatments. This is where Healing REIT serves a niche. Healing REIT is a company that is investing in real estate projects specifically aimed at psychedelic therapy, and part of their service offering involves helping clinicians transition their practices.

What, then, is the significance of real estate for investors in the industry? And could this lead to Healing REIT becoming a powerhouse in providing vital support? Companies who engage in therapy research, development, and treatments that improve the overall accessibility of mental health will need spaces to do it in.

Joe has ventured in both cannabis and the psychedelic space. He gives us his thoughts on the outlooks for both products in terms of their growth and potential. This includes their financial and investment approaches, and their impacts in the market when it comes to healing and wellness.

Also in our conversation: are psychedelics not just another band-aid, but a possible cure? What is Big Pharma’s approach to the mental health crisis? Does the VA do what it needs to do, or is it in need of a revamp? And why does institutional capital initially focus on real estate?

Here’s the latest.

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