How Investing In Beckley Psytech Propels atai Life Forward

Hope you’re bundled up, cause it’s cold outside! How about some cannabis, crypto, and biotech investment chat to get the blood moving? Join host Shadd Dales, and co-host Anthony Varrell for an insightful live streamed episode where Christian Angermayer, Founder & Chairman of atai Life Sciences joins us at the mic to talk about the biotech winter and investment in Beckley Psytech. 

But first, some top headlines in the industry this past week: The biggest piece of news, of course, is that there’s HHS mania again. This follows the agreement of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to release the documents related to the recommendation to federally reschedule marijuana “in entirety” amid the FOIA request filed last year. What does this mean for investors? We’ll share our thoughts on that.

The other hot piece of news is that in a recent interview, Blackrock CEO Lary Fink said he “sees value” in a potential Ethereum ETF. He’s a big proponent of tokenization.

Over to our interview with Christian Angermayer, atai Life Sciences is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company aiming to transform the treatment of mental health disorders. Their mission is to use a decentralized platform approach to accelerate the development of new and effective mental health treatments. 

The biotech industry generally has been having a rough go, and for a long while. Venture capital investment in the industry has been down since even before Russia invaded Ukraine, if you can believe that it’s been that long that we’ve been experiencing a ‘biotech winter.’ However, with 2024 here, there’s some hope that spring might finally be in the air soon. At least, Christian Angermayer is optimistic it will be so. 

Christian gets frank about the challenges atai has faced during this ‘freezing’ period in the industry and the factors that have driven atai’s continuous downward trend since their IPO. He’ll be talking about the many strategies set them apart from other mental health and psychedelic companies, and the advantages of their innovative approach. One of these is atai’s strategic investment in Beckley Psytech and alignment with their psychedelics strategy.

Don’t miss this valuable insight into atai Life Sciences. Catch it all right here in this episode of Trade To Black! 

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